So I heard you're releasing an album?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

9 Tips For Having a successful Project release

1. Create promo material

a.   Decide on an overall vibe/aesthetic for you project and book photoshoots with artists who can help you realize your vision. You should have enough promotional photos to post daily from the time you announce your project to the the day of release

2. Pick a leading single.

a. I don’t care if your music is “radio friendly” . You need to pick a song from your project that is most likely to build some buzz about the release. Pick something that can be easily consumed.

3.  Music Videos

a. Every project should have a MINIMUM of at least one music video. Visuals are powerful, in this age of scrolling its easy for a soundcloud link to be overlooked. A good music video tells your audience that you are dedicated to the craft . it legitifies you in their mind

4.  Other promo material

a. Depending on your budget you should get an assortment of promotional material. Some sort of merch (t shirts, hats,booty shorts?) Stickers are incredibly cheap so get those too. Download cards, posters optional

5.  EPK or PKs

a. An epk or an electronic press kit is the simplest thing you can do to make your release successful that NO ONE is doing. An epk is when you send a media outlet,radio station, record label, etc  your Logo, Album, photos, music videos, etc. You can do this digitally or physically. If you send physical items you should include a free item of merch as well. You may get turned down by everyone but at least you tried. I used to work at a radio station and we got random epks all the time, if the songs were good, we’d give em air time. Find contact info for your local stations, music bloggers/writers, magazines, newspapers, etc!

6.  Distribution

a. This should go without saying but if you release a project make sure it is on EVERY platform. Don’t ask me why but there are still people out there who only have apple music or youtube so it is important to get your music on everything so it can reach as many ears as possible


a. I don’t know what it is about local scenes recently but there seems to be two different types of artists. Those who play their market waay too much or those who refuse to do shows. Shows can be a great tool but only if done correctly. If you play your local venue every other week no one is going to care if this week just happens to be your cd release show. So make sure you choose your shows strategically

b. This is just a tip, for your album release show try doing something to set it apart. If you normally perform with a dj, try playing with a live band, if you normally perform alone try getting your crew involved for a more hype performance, do a never performed song, do something to make it special

8.  Follow Up

a. After you release your project it is important to keep the buzz going, this is the time you should start releasing any unreleased marketing material, interviews, live sessions, music videos etc.

b. If you have the budget, take your release show out of state, what i mean by that is if youre in indy and you release your project there and it does really well, go to chicago and hop on a show, try to get in contact with those media outlets as well. Of course youre an indy local so you cant headline a show in chicago, make sure to get in contact with some chi-town locals first

9.  Boost

a. This can be applied on various points throughout this list but whenever you can you should make use of facebook and instagrams boosting option. Released a new video? Boost it! Even $5 helps. Remember the goal is AS MANY EARS AS POSSIBLE because word of mouth is still one of the most powerful methods of promotion

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